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The Treasure Chest

Welcome to the Treasure Chest! There is lots of
Zelda stuff to download here with lots more on the way. If you want to add something here Email me.
!!!You may need QuickTime to view these movies!!!

Description PC Mac
Midis A full collection of all the songs from the game. Download Download
A collection of all the ocarina songs. Download Download
Images An drawn picture of Link for a background. View
A background picture of the simpsons in StarWars. View
Movies The ultimate transformation, Oni Link. (5.6 Mb) Download
Link riding Epona and Fighting stalfos.(556K) Download
Link fighting Poes and Queen Gohma.(1.2Mb) Download
A movie from Zelda-Gaiden.(6.1Mb) Download
A movie from the new gameboy game, Oracle of Seasons(2.5Mb) Download
Awsome cut scene from Majoras Mask (36 Mb!!!) Download
The full intro of Majoras Mask(14.4Mb) Download
Zora Link goes for a swim (4 Mb) Download
A Fight with Odolwa (9 Mb) Download
Goron races through the land (4.3 Mb) Download
Link changes masks (2.5 Mb) Download
Mini Boss battle #1 (5 Mb) Download
The end of the world (6.9 Mb) Download
Icons A set of icons from Ocarina of Time. Download
Some icons from the original Zelda adventure. Download
A set of icons from Links Awakening for Macintosh. Download